Music Monkeys is a chance for my son to learn, develop and explore through movement and music.

Lisa is a vibrant and dynamic teacher and makes every class so much fun. My son looks forward to every session!

Stephanie Sebastian's mum

Music Monkeys was the first group activity I took my daughter too - at first she was a little shy, but now she loves singing along and joining in with all the actions and activities.

We have learned lots of new songs and look forward to our class every week. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Jackie Katie's mum

Leo has a great time at Music Monkeys and particularly enjoys going on bear hunts, walking through the jungle and banging his drums (loudly!).

Lisa is so enthusiastic and loves watching the children learn the songs and join in. It's a great way for them to appreciate music at a young age and get active!

Michelle Leo's mum

My girls thoroughly enjoyed the Music Monkeys group. The combination of great music and fun lyrics, as well as an always energetic and smiling instructor (Lisa) made for a terrific 30 minutes each week.

Lisa's approach of building on to the program each week, adding different instruments and props as the term progressed, kept the children interested to find out what would happen each week.

My daughters really had a great time and in fact one of them would be asking me each day if it was Music Monkeys day! Highly recommend this group.

Geneva Eva, Isabella & Alina's mum

Eva loves going to Music Monkeys. The songs and music are carefully selected by Lisa to be age-appropriate, so the children learn and develop their musical skills, whilst having lots of fun.

The classes also enhance fine motor skills and physical development (we love the "Pull a funny face" song for this), and the children play on instruments, catch bubbles and dance too. The small groups keep the sessions informal and ensure that each child can express themselves without feeling intimidated.

Having been to other children's music groups with my older daughter, and with a musical background myself, I feel Music Monkeys definitely hits the right note!

Claire Evangeline's mum

Both our children love their music sessions with Lisa; it's a happy and relaxed environment where every child gets to use and experiment with different instruments and props.

Our youngest is now a regular and loves to dance throughout the session, regardless of the song or activity! But Lisa's approach is for the children and babies to enjoy it and have a happy time so there is no pressure for 'perfect students' - just for them to have fun!


I've been going to MM since it began and found Lisa to be an enthusiastic and talented teacher.

Scott loves the classes and it has been fantastic to see how he has developed his movement and memory since participating. The classes are an Abu Dhabi "must do" for youngsters.

Lesley Scott's Mum

MMs is the highlight of my daughter's week. A wonderful way to spend time together. A Jam- packed 45 minutes with fun and varied songs, engaging and exciting instruments lead by enthusiastic teachers 🙂

Emily Rosanna's Mum

My son really enjoys his Music Monkeys sessions, he talks about Lisa and the classes during the week and always looks forward to going. Having tried several such classes with both my son and daughter, Music Monkeys is my favourite by far. It offers a great mix of music, singing, actions and also listening!

Sam Edward's Mum