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What is Music Monkeys?

Founded by Lisa Irwin in November 2012, Music Monkeys offers fun structured music and movement classes throughout Abu Dhabi. A mum of four boys, a primary teacher from England with nursery teaching experience Lisa has lived in Abu Dhabi since 2008. Lisa is passionate about introducing Music as early as possible and understands the value, importance and impact it can have on a child.

Music contributes to what experts call a "rich sensory environment". Music or sound is just one of the wide experiences that can forge pathways between cells in their brains (others are taste, smell, texture & colour) This can stimulate the brain which will aid with other area’s of learning. Exposing babies to music at a very young age (even in the womb) can make these connections however the biggest impact is when the baby or child is actively participating in musical activities.

At Music Monkeys we don't just sing along to a CD we encourage mums, dads, grans, nannies to engage with their child and sing along with the teacher, this ensures our monkeys are getting the most out of their classes.

We cater for children from 3 months to 4 years with age-specific groups tailored for their development.

Classes are now running in various locations around Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Al Ain